Report: Policy Options from Beyond Central and Eastern Europe to Bridge the Gap Between the Region and the Paris Agreement Goals


This report, prepared by Climate Strategies and WiseEuropa with input from national experts from the region, addresses which aspects of best practice in building and transport policy may be transferable to CEE countries. Lessons are shared from western Europe, as well as opportunities for intra-regional cooperation, knowledge-sharing and leap-frogging through the adoption of new best-practice.

The publication explores national policies illustrated by relevant local case studies in western Europe. The policies covered relate to sustainable transport modes (road pricing programme in the UK), electromobility and low-emission vehicles (the action plan on electric vehicles in the Netherlands and the ElectriCity partnership in Sweden), energy efficiency in buildings (the energy efficient construction and refurbishment (EECR) programme in Germany), and clean heating sources (Swedish subsidies and consumer protection programmes, focused on heat pumps and Austrian direct grants and housing subsidies, focused on solar systems).

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