Renewable Power-to-Heat in Hajnówka


This study investigated whether the coal-based district heating system in the Polish city of Hajnówka could be converted to large-scale heat pumps powered by electricity from renewable sources. The result shows that such a heat supply is technically possible, economically viable in the long term and ecologically sensible.
Two large heat pump cascades (eight heat pumps in total) can be installed in two existing boiler houses of Hajnowka Public Utility. The geological data to date suggests that there is sufficient groundwater for this to act as a heat source.
The heat pumps provide about 90 per cent of the annual heating work. The remaining demand can be
covered by a new gas boiler. Seven heat pumps use groundwater as a heat source. One uses sewage.
The feasibility study is not a substitute for detailed implementation planning, but it provides a good basis
for decision-making.

Renewable Power-to-Heat in Hajnówka Study in German

Renewable Power-to-Heat in Hajnówka Study in Polish

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