Status Quo Report – Assessment of Romania’s Energy Efficiency Experience


Improving energy efficiency is a key priority of national energy policy, given the increased importance of ensuring security of energy supply, sustainable development and competitiveness, saving primary energy resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In line with the European Commission’s recommendations, Romania is also making its contribution to achieving the EU’s 2030 targets by implementing the National Integrated Energy and Climate Change Plan (NIECP) 2021-2030 by 2030.

This report by EUKI project MENERGERS contains details of concrete measures taken at national level, responsible and interested parties, instruments and legislation, as well as other assessments and results of OER (Energy Cities Romania) studies and projects. The final part focuses on conclusions and recommendations, which are very important for the next steps towards Romania’s energy efficiency in 2030.

The report was developed by the OER team to support local governments to effectively coordinate the energy transition towards low greenhouse gas cities. The main objective of the project is to enable and support municipalities in Bulgaria and Romania to provide the most appropriate and effective context for the role of Municipal Energy Managers and thus contribute to the achievement of national energy and climate objectives.

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