From the Ground Up – How Citizens Can Transform Europe’s Recovery

Did Europe build back better after the COVID-19 emergency? Are European Member States making use of EU money for their national recovery? In this on-site event, EUKI project partner CEE Bankwatch Network and the Citizens Observatory for Green Deal Financing brings together civil society organisations from across Europe to answer these questions.



Brussels, Belgium

Project Event

29 June 2023

Almost three years ago, the EU announced an unprecedented public investment program to help countries recover from the pandemic – NextGenerationEU – worth 806 billion Euros. In this event, the participants monitor the use of EU recovery funds and other investments like InvestEU used to finance the European Green Deal. Testimonials from members of the Citizens Observatory for Green Deal Financing, a coalition of 9 civil society organisations from across Europe, will explain how Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy and Poland are using the recovery money to finance projects and investments. More public participation is needed to achieve a just environmental transformation. Together with EUObserver journalist Wester van Gaal there will be a discussion about how citiens can organise to get more control over EU investment programmes. Also, local campaigners will present videos showing the impact of recovery projects on the ground.

Date: 29 June 2023

Time: 6 – 9pm CEST

Location: Kamilou, Brussels

The event is open to the public, find more detailed information here and register via this link.

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