RES in Building Renovations (2nd Seminar in Series)

With annual rates of energy renovation of buildings expected to double over the next decade, the building sector is poised to play a key role in achieving the European Union's high energy efficiency targets by 2050. To maximise the benefits of radical energy renovations and achieve these targets, the building construction sector needs to upgrade its workforce. Construction professionals must not only meet energy efficiency targets, but also adopt innovative approaches and technological solutions to ensure high quality construction and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Seminar. © Photo: Sincerely Media | Unsplash


Room A15, Section of Environmental Physics, Department of Physics, NKUA, Athens

Project Event

24 November 2023

Based on the above, this seminar series will present knowledge and techniques to minimise the energy performance gap of a building between the design and construction phase in order to increase the readiness of current and future professionals in the sector to meet the modern energy efficiency requirements of buildings. The seminars will present the basic principles of building physics and the principles of passive building design. In addition, the integration of renewable energy systems in buildings will be discussed and the importance of energy renovation for the air quality inside a building to ensure comfort, health and safety requirements will be highlighted. Finally, software for building renovation will be presented and applied to the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software.

The 2nd seminar “RES in Building Renovations” takes place at Room A15 of the Section of Environmental Physics, Department of Physics, NKUA, on Friday, 24 November 2023, 11:00 – 13:00 EET.



The event is open to the public but a registration is required on site.



The language of the seminar series in Greek.



The speaker of the event is Vasileios Ntouros.


Printed materials

Presentations are available in printed form while electronic copies can also be available upon request.


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