Workshop: From Hydrogen Hype to Hard Reality

The transformative potential of hydrogen in achieving our decarbonisation goals warrants critical discussion and exploration. Collaborating with representatives from civil society, academia, industry, and policy-making across the EU, the EUKI project Green(ing) H2 aims to analyse the hype surrounding hydrogen, evaluate its realistic demand and applications, and delve into the implications for the burgeoning EU Hydrogen Economy.




Project Event

28 June 2023

During the workshop “From Hydrogen Hype to Hard Reality: Realistic Hydrogen Demand, Supply Volumes and its Implications on the EU Hydrogen Economy” organised by Green(ing) H2 project organisations, the study ‘Perspectives for Green Hydrogen in Europe: Detailed Analysis of Germany, Poland and Portugal Case’ by Ben McWilliams will be presented. In a round table experts will furthermore discuss the EU’s hydrogen demand as well as strategies and policies for hydrogen application.

Date: 28 June 2023

Time: 10 – 11:45 am CET


  • Marta Lovisolo, Bellona Europe
  • Ewa Mazur, RWE
  • Andrea Triki, DENA (tbc)
  • Representative of Agora Energiewende (tbc)

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