Humus per la Biosfera – Oak Protection on Mt. Egitto

The Humus project gives another important push for saving an unique ancient oak forest at the Etna. The loss of this mixed forest in favour of a pine monoculture would mean great damage to biodiversity and would also slow down the growing carbon storage in the soil.

by Laura Serra, Humus per la Biosfera

Published: 16 February 2023

52 monumental oaks on the lateral Etna crater Mt. Egitto are still in risk of death caused by the shadowing young pine trees, planted in between. Giacche Verdi Bronte and the Manfred‐Hermsen‐ Stiftung achieved that the threatened oaks were released by a first pine cutting five years ago. Now we re‐start the pressure on the responsible institutions for a (second) cut of surrounding pines. Our methods are dialogues accompanied by public awareness, e.g. by newspaper and tv reports and scientific surveys.

Dott. Salvatore Vinciguerra (left) and participants of one of the excursions to Mt. Egitto; Photo: ©Giacche Verdi Bronte
Student Himanshu doing measurements; Photo: ©Giacche Verdi Bronte

Our Indian trainee, the biology student Himanshu conducted a comparative biodiversity study under the supervision of GV’s collaborator Dott. Salvatore Vinciguerra – and presented it to all the

Himanshu presenting his work to the Giacche Verdi staff and volunteers; Photo: ©Giacche Verdi Bronte
Giacche Verdi staff on Mt. Egitto; Photo ©Giacche Verdi Bronte
Interview of volunteers by german TV-team; Photo: ©Giacche Verdi Bronte

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