Humus per la Biosfera – Youth Work for Climate Awareness

May 2022: Educational feast at the didactic area “Bosco Brignolo” in Bronte, Sicily.

by Laura Serra, Humus per la Biosfera

Published: 10 May 2022

In addition to ongoing environmental education in schools, we organised a big school event
with 56 children at our environmental education site in Bronte. The site was once a quarry,
later a now bonified rubbish dump and is being upgraded and greened since 11 years by
Giacche Verdi Bronte (GV) and Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung together with international

Group of GV staff, international volunteers, Tv team, school children and teachers at the start of the educational
trip; Photo: ©Giacche Verdi Bronte

As a part of the Humus project we organised activities with interactive lectures on composting. The combination of outdoor exercise, didactic plays and information led to a profound gain in knowledge on the value of humus connected to climate protection and biodiversity. This educational day was accompanied by a German film team from Bayerischer Rundfunk, whose report on our longstanding voluntary service, which also enriches this humus project, can be found here:

Sizilien abseits der Touristenpfade: Wo junge Freiwillige Abenteuer erleben | BR -YouTube.

Presentation of one of the information boards to a group of students; Photo: ©Giacche Verdi Bronte

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