EN – Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. Lor separat existentie es un myth. Por scientie, musica, sport etc, litot Europa usa li sam vocabular. Li lingues differe solmen in li grammatica, li pronunciation e li plu commun vocabules. Omnicos directe al desirabilite de un nov lingua franca: On refusa continuar payar custosi traductores.

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How to Improve Climate Governance in the Western Balkans

With the GAWB, the region has agreed to become carbon neutral by 2050 and to align its policies with the key elements of the European Green Deal. Despite being a political priority, implementation of climate change policies in these countries is still proceeding too slowly. There is thus a need to strengthen national and transnational […]


Wanted: New Climate Action Projects in Europe 

The European Climate Initiative (EUKI) is launching a new round of project funding, with this year’s call for projects set to be issued on 6 February 2024. Non-profit organisations from civil society, municipalities and the scientific-research, business and education sectors can respond to the Europe-wide call and submit their project proposals via this online platform […]


EUKI Interview: Reducing Energy Consumption in Buildings

Energy management in buildings poses one of the key challenges in the EU and Polish climate energy policy. Lots of European buildings, however, do not perform well in terms of energy efficiency. Which “settings” in buildings can easily be changed in order to reduce energy consumption? A very important element to reduce energy consumption is […]


A Growing Momentum for Peatland Conservation and Restoration

This interactive online workshop continued the initiative’s goal of bringing together stakeholders to explore both the challenges and enablers of more effective peatland management in Europe. The workshop opened with an overview of the European Peatlands Initiative by Bax & Company, followed by CEEweb presenting the initial findings of their assessment of peatland strategies in Central and […]


Exchange with experts from North-America, Chile and Germany on regenerative agriculture

In October, a group of farmers from Cincinnati, Ohio visited our trial plots and were interested in Terra Preta, hillside planting and fruit cultivation. Again in October, the visit of the Chilean biologist Prof. Elier Tabilo-Valdivieso from the Centro Neotropical de Entrenamiento e Humedales (an Chilean NGO for the protection of wetlands) was accompanied by […]


Combine & Move: The Intermodality Day in Brașov County, Romania

The Intermodality Day in Brasov County promoted using trains, buses, or other public transport infrastructure and facilities by cyclists. Actions taken include: It is hoped that by complementing cycling with other sustainable means of transport, it will make each form of transport more attractive to people on the move and provide a competitive alternative to […]


First Renovation Pass for Medical Centre in Prahova

Building Renovation Passports (BRP) are documents that set a renovation roadmap to achieve deep renovation of buildings. These renovations contribute to reducing energy consumption, thereby reducing GHG emissions and lowering energy costs. The medical center in Lipanesti will now have a clear summary assessment of the energy consumption in the building, with useful information on […]


EUKI Interview: Rethinking How to Learn and Teach for a Sustainable Future

Teachers across Europe have a hard time bringing climate and sustainability themes into classrooms. Where do you see the problems? There has been a lot going on in the EU and worldwide in the past years. We are facing a polycrisis that is devastating for life on the planet, but looking back it is not […]


Looking back: Introduction Meeting of the IJP German-Central Eastern European Programme 2023

“Inspiring” is the word that, in my opinion, best describes our meeting in Berlin at the beginning of October. It all began with a lovely dinner and the opportunity to meet the participants of the programme for the first time. The highlights of the second day were twofold. Firstly, it involved gaining a better understanding […]


Move Eco-friendly drawing competition in Vas County, Hungary

The ceremonial announcement of the results took place on 4 October 2023 at the County Hall, attended by many of the winning students. During the announcement of the drawing competition, answers from young people to questions have been sought, such as: The competition is divided into two age groups: 6-10-year-olds and 11-15-year-olds. There were 17 […]