European Climate Initiative (EUKI) Launches 3rd Call for Project Ideas

Das Bundesumweltministerium gibt den Startschuss zum dritten Ideenwettbewerb der Europäischen Klimaschutzinitiative (EUKI), die vom 01. März bis zum 12. April 2019 läuft. Für den Wettbewerb können NGOs, Thinktanks, Gemeinden und andere gemeinnützige Organisationen ihre Projektideen einreichen, die die Umsetzung des Pariser Übereinkommens in Europa beschleunigen und zum innereuropäischen Dialog beitragen. In einem zweistufigen Verfahren werden Projekte für eine Finanzierung ausgewählt, die zum Schutz des Klimas in Europa beitragen und die europäische Kooperation stärken, indem Organisationen aus verschiedenen EU-Mitgliedstaaten zusammenarbeiten.

Published: 01 March 2019

The goal is cross-border cooperation between European organisations on climate action projects

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze commented: “To achieve greenhouse gas neutrality we need many bright minds and strong implementers from every part of society. We launched EUKI based on the conviction that we have to act in concert on behalf of climate action in Europe. The upcoming transformation of our economy and society can only be successful if we follow a European approach, across national borders. This network has been growing over the last two years. Through actual cooperation between municipalities and schools, for example, it is daily proof of how dynamic Europe is and how palpable the commitment for climate action – and what we can achieve together.”


Networking between different European countries is key for EUKI to promote knowledge transfer and good practice exchange. The initiative was launched two years ago and has already initiated over 60 projects involving more than 140 partner organisations. EUKI has financed a broad range of projects, for example the design of a socially just structural change in coal regions or the restoration of peatlands. The target groups of EUKI are governments, local authorities, educational institutions and stakeholders from civil society, the scientific sector and industry, in particular in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

Please consult for information on project financing within the call for project ideas.

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