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Training Concept for Municipal Capacity Building

Representatives of the Municipal Energy Management (MEM) project consortium met for the second time, on 3–5 September 2018 in Maribor, Slovenia, to discuss an initial draft training concept for capacity building in the context of municipal energy management.

Group looking at heating systenm in Maribor

Investigating the heating system of a municipal school building in Maribor, Slovenia, together with the school’s caretaker (photo: © KSA Weserbergland)

The project consortium comprises four European energy and climate agencies: ENERGAP from Maribor, Slovenia; Klimaschutzagentur Weserbergland from Hamelin, Germany; KREA from Kaunas, Lithuania; and SOFENA from Sofia, Bulgaria. A core feature of the project, which is financed by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI), is to share knowledge and experiences in the field of municipal energy management. The project therefore works to identify particularly successful approaches and share them with other organisations that are also engaged in municipal energy management.

Group picture of participants

Participants of the second project meeting (photo: © ENERGAP)

During the meeting, the partner agencies discussed the methodologies of their respective MEM approaches. To develop an understanding of on-site approaches and make contact with responsible persons on-site such as headmasters and caretakers, the meeting included a site visit to two municipal facilities: a school and a kindergarten.

The consortium also discussed a draft training concept for various target groups in the field of municipal energy management. For the MEM process to work, different target groups will need to be involved individually. Also, depending on the prevailing structures and recurrent patterns of activity in municipalities, different approaches are required. This draft training concept aims to clarify how the different target groups should be addressed and to identify particularly helpful and interesting material as well as lessons learned from the different training sessions.

Heating system in a municipal kindergarten in Maribor

A detailed look at the heating system in a municipal kindergarten in Maribor, Slovenia (photo: © KSA Weserbergland)

In the next step, partners will share their tried-and-tested training and awareness-raising materials, creating a pool of useful materials, and the concept will be further elaborated. By the end of the project, the partners aim to have worked with a total of 400 people, who will have been provided with training and information on how to deal with municipal energy management.

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