HINGE Project Comes to a Close

Final conference in Livorno on 29th November 2023 marks the conclusion of HINGE project.

Published: 05 January 2024
HINGE Project Meeting

The final Conference of HINGE project took place Wednesday 29 November 2023 in the Sala Nomellini of Palazzo Granducale, hosted by the Lead Partner Livorno Province.

The proceedings were also followed via video conference on Zoom platform as well as on Youtube.

Promoting the intermodality of bicycles with public transport was the main objective of the activities that catalysed the opportunities offered by HINGE project within the European frame of reference of the EUKI Programme, including good practices and support for interregional cooperation.

After the institutional greetings by the Lead Partner representative, Silvia Borgo, and the EUKI Programme representative, Luciana Lehro, project activities and results after almost 3 years of cooperation and a series of Intermodality Days in the 3 partner regions in 2023, were illustrated by Michela Chiti of Livorno Province.  Speakers of the 3 partners explained, afterwards, the main content of the Action Plans drawn up, which open the way for further consolidation of the various activities undertaken.

Partner representatives also highlighted the importance of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed among the 3 regions to collaborate further in various fields of interest for the initial period of 5 years.

People in a bus
People in a bus; Photo: Ivo Tartaglia ©HINGE

Screenshot from a conference
Screenshot from project final presentation-HINGE