How to Draft a Budget

Published: 13 June 2023

About this tutorial

You have reached the second stage of the EUKI application and now have to draft a budget to complete your project proposal? In this video tutorial series, we will give you information on how to fill in the EUKI budget template, illustrated by an exemplary project.

What topics does this tutorial cover?

  • An instruction on how to find the latest version of the respective template on the EUKI website
  • Guidance to fill in the form correctly
  • Learning about the budget categories: External services, Staff, Transportation, Procurement of materials and equipment, Other Costs, Administration Costs, Forwarding of funds and Own Contributions/third-party financing
  • Information about the distribution of funds over the years
  • General information you need to pay attention to when preparing your budget draft.

What will you achieve?

This tutorial will help you to:

  • Navigate through the EUKI website to find the correct version of the document
  • Understand the logic of the excel template for financial statements
  • Receive an overview of the differences between the budget categories
  • Gain an understanding of the difference of the budget of the implementer and of the implementing partners
  • Inform the implementing partners about the requirements of the budget draft that they have to provide
  • Prepare your budget draft correctly

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

17 min in 8 short videos

Who will you learn with?

This tutorial has been created by Sven Kalmbach from the EUKI finance team.