Commercial and Legal Eligibility Check for Potential EUKI Recipients

Published: 13 November 2021

About this tutorial

You are a potential EUKI funding recipient and have to prepare your EUKI application. In addition to the technical details about your project we also request detailed commercial and legal information about your organization as EUKI conducts a qualification check for each recipient. In this video tutorial series, we will give you detailed information on the different eligibility criteria of this check and about the formal requirements of the records that you have to submit. 

What topics does this tutorial cover?

  • Introduction and overview about GIZ‘s commercial and legal eligibility check​
  • Learning about the eligibility criteria: Legal personality, Public-benefit status, Accounting, Contract award procedure, Internal and external control, Previous experience, Compliance with the law and anti-corruption​
  • Understanding what documents you have to submit for the single eligibility criterion​
  • Formal requirements and quality of your document

What will you achieve?

This tutorial will help you to: ​

  • Comprehend the reason why we conduct a commercial and legal eligibility check
  • Understand the different eligibility criteria ​
  • Inform the implementing partners about the quality of the records/documentation they have to provide​
  • Prepare the commercial and legal information about your organisation correctly

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

20 min in 9 short videos

Who will you learn with?

This tutorial has been created by Dorothea Alsch and Christina Ezra from the EUKI finance team