Great Project Meeting in Prague at UCEEB

Published: 27 July 2021
Prague view; Photo: © Laura Weber

Project Meeting and Tour at UCEEB

The Energy Efficiency Network Team from the Center of Excellence for Cogeneration Technologies (CECoGen) from Amberg came for the first time on 13 July 2021 at the University Centre for Energy Efficiency Buildings (UCEEB) of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The project manager on the Czech side,Ing. Jan Špale, led the meeting together with Mgr. Daniela Stolařová. In addition to reviewing the project status to date and reflecting on the past online events, the next workshop was discussed in particular. This is to take place online in September. The focus is on finding more interested municipalities, especially from the Czech Republic, for our first energy efficiency network. As a special feature, 360° videos of outstanding energy saving projects from the Czech Republic and Bavaria will be shown. The thematic focus is still being defined, but the efficient provision of heat will definitely play a role.

After the meeting, all participants had the opportunity to visit the UCEEB, which is impressive both architecturally and in terms of research. On site were Ing. Jakub Maščuch (UCEEB), M. A. Marcus Kratschke (BayFOR), Dr.-Ing. Klaus Ramming (AGO), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas P. Weiß (CECoGen),  Philipp Streit M.Eng. (CECoGen), Ing. Jan Špale (UCEEB), Radim Kohoutek (Association of Energy Service Providers, APES), Prof. Dr. Raphael Lechner (CECoGen) and the project manager from Amberg side Laura Weber M.Eng (CECoGen). Mrs. Weber and Mr. Raphael and the “EUKIs” from UCEEB and APES also used the evening to get to know each other even better over a delicious meal.

The next morning, there were still a few hours to take a small tour of Prague: From Karlstein Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral we had a magnificent view over the city to the Charles Bridge…

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