Online Education: Renovation of Historic Buildings in Times of Climate Crisis

Croatia Green Building Council and the Sendzimir Foundation (Poland) are organizing a two-steps training programme (online course followed by the stationary training) as a part of the “Climate Mitigation in Heritage Buildings” project. The online training will take place between October 4th – November 7th, 2021. Stationary trainings will be organized in the late 2021 and early 2022 in Zagreb, Rijeka and Koprivnica (Croatia). Application deadline is 3rd October.

Published: 28 July 2021

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Negative impacts created by climate change – raise in temperatures, floods and fires are all a product of climate crisis. Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU and thus contribute harmfully to climate change. Historic buildings, including the heritage ones, also have a big impact on greenhouse gas emissions with their outdated heating and cooling systems, lack of proper thermal insulation, ventilation etc. that leads to higher energy consumption, often produced from non-renewable sources. In order to mitigate such a negative influence, it is necessary to renovate and modernize historic and cultural heritage buildings in order to increase their energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Croatia Green Building Council
Climate Mitigation in Heritage Buildings

Information about the first stage of the programme – online training October 4th – November 7th, 2021:

The training is intended for architects, conservators, engineers, contractors, project managers, members of city offices for cultural protection and energy, public administration bodies and students. Its goal is to raise the capacity of participants in the area of sustainable heritage buildings renovation. The course will be held via an interactive and engaging online platform enabling participants from diverse countries and institutions to network and exchange experience.
It consists of 3 modules, accompanied by live webinar that will bring together experts from Croatia and Poland. Each module will include reading material and an educational video, followed by the discussions within the forum sections.
In order to complete the on-line course and receive certificate, participant will have to complete appointed individual and group tasks verified by experienced tutors.
Apart from the webinar, which will be live, the rest of the training will take place individually at a time that suits the participants.
The platform will be accessed online after registration. Please enrol Language of the workshop: English (optional materials in Croatian).
Communication between participants on the platform forum will be carried out in English as the training is open to participants from all over the world. Optional materials will be in Croatian.


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Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Heritage Buildings