Peppers and other vegetables in the supermarket© pixabay

8. April 2022 - Online Conference: Climate-Friendly School Catering

How is your food produced? How does it get to your plate? What is the future of food? Society is facing major challenges in nutrition. Producing the current global supply of food causes different new problems which in turn harm the climate. A growing population must be fed in a fair and sustainable manner. Join the conference of EUKI project CLIKIS Network and learn more about sustainable food production and systems.

During the first part of the conference, renowned speakers including Prof. Dr. Melanie Speck and Prof. Dr. Anet Režek Jambrak, will be discussing topics such as Sustainable food technology , The climate impact of food and Relations to climate protection.

We would also like to invite you to join us and exchange your experiences during our four workshops in the afternoon:  

  • WS 1 Climate-friendly, plant-based products – What does the guest want?
  • WS 2 Organization of canteen and kitchen – Waste reduction
  • WS 3 Energy-saving kitchen technology and operation
  • WS 4 Climate protection in industrial kitchens / Meeting of German KEECZ project

Click HERE for the conference agenda and register HERE.