Bringing Climate Action to the Table

Raising awareness on sustainable diets through gamified and participatory activities in Spain, Slovenia, and Greece.


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Greece, Slovenia, Spain

Project duration:

09/21 - 05/23

Target groups:

Educational institutions, General public


272,160.46 €

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Laura Calabuig

  • Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development


As food production contributes up to 37 per cent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, changes in individuals’ diets play a paramount role in fighting climate change. Yet, this potential remains largely untapped in the project countries: surveys have shown that, while 94 per cent of Spaniards, Slovenians, and Greeks consider climate change a serious problem, only 16 per cent of them eat a sustainable diet.

Teaching planetary health to children; Photo: © Robert Ramos / Fundesplai


The project team encourages citizens of Spain (Catalonia), Slovenia, and Greece (Central Macedonia) to make more informed and responsible food choices. It does so by offering gamified and participatory activities that are adapted to different target groups. First, it reaches out to young people through food-themed digital and physical escape room games. Second, it provides trainings and tools for childhood educators that allow them to conduct food-related activities. Lastly, it invites parents, guardians, educators, and the interested public to conferences where they can learn about and reflect on sustainable food consumption. With these activities, the project partners reach and sensitise 40,000 citizens, encouraging them to engage in food system issues and to adopt a more climate-friendly diet, thus contributing to a significant reduction of GHG emissions.

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