Climate Mitigation through Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Poland: Harnessing knowledge and experiences for climate-resilient cities (Climate NBS Polska)

The project’s goal is to create multiple opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Polish cities. The aim is to increase the understanding, acceptance and uptake of multifunctional nature-based solutions (NBS) as a climate mitigation measure among a range of stakeholder groups and across numerous cities in Poland.


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Project duration:

10/18 - 11/20

Target groups:

Educational institutions, Private sector


106,883.07 €

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Sandra Naumann

Implementing organisation
  • Ecologic Institute gGmbH
  • Sendzimir Foundation


The project hopes to increase awareness of NBS in Poland as a cost-effective urban climate mitigation and climate protection measure. It seeks to build capacity, knowledge and skills among city officials, municipal staff and landscape planners to enable the conceptual and technical design and implementation of NBS. Working with a partner project led by the Polish think-tank Sendzimir Foundation (SF), this project aims to achieve its goals by (i) creating a catalogue of urban NBS; (ii) offering guidance and policy recommendations to promote urban NBS; and by (iii) setting up a targeted capacity-building programme for the project’s end-users. It will include an online course, training events across Poland and a study visit to Germany. The project will also foster the development of a Polish network of NBS experts and work closely with a number of Polish cities, such as Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw.


Many Polish cities are undergoing intense development, which is placing investment pressure on undeveloped land. Individual sites would be able to deliver on urban climate change mitigation and reduce GHG emissions, with the resulting social, economic and environmental benefits, by optimising existing green spaces and deploying NBS to develop new multifunctional natural areas and features. However, Polish cities are currently facing several barriers to the development and implementation of NBS as a cost-effective climate mitigation measure, including a lack of relevant experience and technical knowledge, and a shortage of context-specific policy instruments.

Success Stories

Climate-friendly by Nature

Following the invitation of EUKI project “Nature-based Solutions (NBS) Poland”, Polish landscape planners, engineers and local government experts visited Berlin’s most creative applications of NBS in August 2020. These range from a university building with a nature-based air conditioning system to Rummelsburger Bucht, Berlin’s “Sponge City”. Impressed by the possibilities, the Polish guests dedicated a session at the international conference “Blue and Green Infrastructure for Urban Climate Change Mitigation 2020” to adopting some of these solutions in Polish cities.

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