Europe’s Coal Regions: Boosting Employment, Environment, Economy through ‘Just Transition’


To fight the climate crisis, the European Union has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. A fundamental step on that road is phasing out coal. Therefore, the WWF European Policy Office is calling for EU countries to phase out their coal power by 2030 to fight the climate crisis and uphold the Paris Agreement.

This report from WWF based on input from national consultants, takes an in-depth look at the clean job creation potential in several coal regions like in Eastern Wielkopolska, Poland; Megalopolis, Greece as well as the biggest Bulgarian coal region Stara Zagora.

This publication by WWF was published under the framework of EUKI project Just Transition Eastern and Southern Europe and points out how lost coal jobs can be replaced by sustainable new jobs while preserving the environment.

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