National Peatland Strategies And Peatland Restoration Opportunities

Peatlands are the most space-efficient terrestrial carbon sink, capable of storing around twice as much carbon as the world’s forests. This is why EUKI project ‘Building the European Peatlands Initiative: a strong alliance for peatland climate protection in Europe’ is working to preserve and restore these ecosystems. Join the project partner CEEweb for Biodiversity on 15 November 2023 to learn more about restoration strategies for European peatlands.

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Project Event

15 November 2023

The workshop primarily targets peatland protection and restoration experts, as well as other interested stakeholders from the Central and Eastern European region, with the aim to, on the one hand, provide insight into the relevant policy measures and future opportunities of the European Union and selected Member States and, on the other hand, to provide an opportunity for discussing emerging questions and formulating recommendations on the protection and restoration of peatlands.



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The language of the event is English.


Target Groups

Central and Eastern European peatland experts – nature conservationists – representatives of national ministries – representatives of research institutes – representatives of NGOs – site managers, farmers/landowners



The event’s agenda looks as follows:

Moderator: Orsolya Nyárai (CEEweb for Biodiversity)

10:00 Welcome & short introduction of CEEweb
Csaba Mezei – General Secretary (CEEweb for Biodiversity)

10:05 Introducing the event and the agenda
Orsolya Nyárai – Head of Policy & Agricultural Policy Officer (CEEweb for Biodiversity)

10:10 Introducing the EUKI Peatlands project
Marina Škunca – Project Officer (Eurosite – the European Land Conservation Network)

10:20 Introducing the European Peatlands Initiative
Lisa Wiatschka – Innovation Consultant – Wetlands, Agriculture & Climate Change (Bax & Company)

10:35 Word cloud, voting on relevant questions, presenting results

10:45 Presenting the preliminary results of Central and Eastern European peatland strategies assessment
Orsolya Nyárai – Head of Policy & Agricultural Policy Officer (CEEweb for Biodiversity)

11:00 Coffe break

11:10 A Green Deal for European Peatlands: discussing enabling factors and challenges
Elise Vitali – Peatlands Policy Officer (Wetlands International Europe)

11:30 Hungary’s current approach, policies and future plans towards protecting and restoring peatlands
Gábor Takács – Nature Conservation Officer (Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate)

11:45 National policies for peatland protection and restoration in Estonia
Martin Küttim – Researcher in peatland ecology and restoration (Tallinn University, Estonia)

12:00 Questions & Answers

12:10 Lunch break

13:00 Introducing the afternoon sessions

13:05 From policy to practice to policy: Experiences from Germany
Jan Peters – Managing Director (Michael Succow Foundation, Partner in the Greifswald Mire Centre)

13:20 Breakout rooms for formulating recommendations
Room 1: Gaps and weaknesses in national peatland strategies
Room 2: The use of participatory methods in national policymaking for peatlands
Room 3: The potential of the EU Nature Restoration Law and national restoration projects for peatlands

13:50 Reporting back from the breakout session (5 min/room)

14:05 Coffee break

14:15 Panel discussion: Challenges and opportunities in EU and national policymaking and action for peatlands

14:45 Questions & Answers

14:55 Conclusions, next steps & closing of the meeting


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