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EUKI’s Selection Procedure

Gain an understanding of the EUKI selection procedure

3 min in 1 short video

Financial Implementation of an EUKI Project

Find out what you need to know about the financial implementation of an EUKI project

3 min in 1 short video

EUKI Info Day on the 5th Call for Proposals

Understand how EUKI’s two-stage selection procedure works

100 min in 5 short videos

How to Prepare a Request for a Pre-Financing Instalment

Receive an understanding about how to fill in the template to ask for a pre-financing instalment

5 min in 2 short videos

How to Draft a Budget

Learn how to draft the budget for your EUKI funding application

17 min in 8 short videos

Commercial and Legal Eligibility Check for Potential EUKI Recipients

Learn and comprehend the requirements of the legal and commercial information for the submission of your EUKI application

25 min in 10 short videos