Study: Assessment of Investment Needs and Gaps in Relation to the 2030 Climate and Energy Targets of Germany

Dear reader, please find below a link that guides you to our (Juergens and Rusnok Advisors) latest publication (August 2019) about “Assessment of Investment Needs and Gaps in Relation to the 2030 Climate and Energy Targets of Germany”. The report has been written as part of the EUKI project “Climate Investment Capacity – Strategies for Financing the 2030 Targets”.

Published: 11 September 2019

Why is the study exciting and relevant for other EUKI projects and for decision makers in the private and public sector dealing with investment challenges? We show key methods (and their limitations!) for estimating investment needs in –relation to achieving climate and energy targets. This is even more relevant at the moment, because all EU member states are drawing up National Energy and Climate Plans, where they need to report (to the EU Commission and to each other) how they intend to achieve the national climate and energy targets by 2030, how much investment is needed and how the financing can be provided. If you are going to run other investment needs assessment or if your counterparts in the government or the private sector are confronted with similar challenges, our analysis will help you to find guidance through the jungle of existing methods.

The full report is rather comprehensive and can be used as a manual, where you either learn the whole story or where you can look up specific chapters to answer your questions about, say, modelling investment needs for renewable energy!

The short and the long version of the study can be downloaded below.

Summary fo decision makers

Full report

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