Journalism for Climate Action

Published: 17 February 2023

Back Seat for Cars in Bratislava

While more than 10 EUKI projects advance sustainable transport, journalists like Sandra Kirchner are the ones to explore the trends and political development. In her story Back seat for cars in Bratislava, the deputy chair of Klimawissen e.V. tracks the bumpy road taken by a city aiming to shift its focus from cars to bicycles in the years ahead. As she experienced herself, the different mobility patterns of men and women need to play a more central role in the city’s planning as well. Follow her on her quest to capture different views and voices on how the capital is tackling the transition. The original article was published in German on

Busy road Staromestská in Bratislava, Photo: ©Sandra Kirchner

Warsaw: The Next Bicycle-friendly City?

Journalist Robert Klages also went to experience the development of climate-friendly transportation, this time in the Polish capital. Compared to 76 kilometers of planned bicycle lanes in the Slovakian capital, Warsaw provides safe bicycle rides on over 700 kilometers around the city already. The Tagesspiegel reporter therefore legitimately raises the question: Is Warsaw the next bicycle-friendly city in Europe? Take a ride with him around the city and see for yourself. The original article was published in German on  

Warsaw bicycles, Photo: ©Sergey Galyonkin

Liquid Tree to Combat Air Pollution in Belgrade

Just like water, clean air is a public good and free to all. More and more large cities face severe air pollution though, especially in winter seasons. Just like the Serbian capital Belgrade. And it’s exactly there that ZDF-journalist Benno Krieger found an innovative approach to tackling this challenge during his fellowship. With a Liquid Tree to Combat Air Pollution in Belgrade he depicts the ambitious project of scientists who bring in microalgae to help clean the air where trees can do no more. Take a deep breath and be amazed. The original article was published in the Balkan Green Energy News

Liquid Tree or Photobioreactor in Belgrade, Photo: ©Predrag Barbul/ZDF

Balcony Solar Power Plants

A healthy environment is in the interest of everyone. So, taking climate action should be made easy for everyone as well. That might be why Balcony solar power plants caught the eye of journalist Tomáš Grečko during his stay in Germany. In his article, he not only dives into the feasibility and costs of powering your home from your balcony in Germany, but also draws comparisons to his home country Slovakia. The original article was published in Slovakian on Daily N.   

Balcony power plant, Photo: ©Denník N

Czech Climate Journalism Begins to Take off

To raise the public knowledge and awareness on climate issues is the goal of the EUKI-funded fellowships for European journalists. Do different European countries share this vision? During her time in Prague, journalist Elena Kolb discovered that while climate issues are still met with scepticism, the Czech Climate Journalism begins to take off. Portraying some dedicated individuals, she sheds light on the Czech perspective. Read the article and learn about the challenges of climate journalism in the Czech Republic. The original piece was published in German on

Journalists discussing, Photo: ©IJP

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