Web Seminar: Challenges and Potentials of an Entrepreneurially Driven Green Transformation

Published: 19 June 2023

About this Recording 

Green technologies are essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach international climate goals and climate neutrality. However, there is a lack of a skilled labour force in Europe that is needed to bring green technologies (e.g., heat pumps, photovoltaic and wind energy systems) to the market to reduce GHG emissions and contribute to achieving climate goals.  

The EUKI-project GreenTecLab (GTL) has highlighted that the lack of professional qualified specialist and the access to green innovation is especially challenging for green start-ups in rural areas. Therefore, this web seminar asked the question of how innovative vocational educational training (VET) can empower local economies to access potential a professional labour force that then in turn accelerates the expansion of green technologies and secure economic growth in rural areas. The EUKI Academy and GTL invited speakers from Spain, Greece and Slovakia to discuss what roles the economy, politics, and the educational sector play in forming eco-systems to stipulate the implementation of green innovation. 

Find the presentation of the web seminar here and learn about the key points of the seminar in this report


  • Romina Große, Project Manager Fiap e.V. 
  • Norbert Kurilla, Green Transition Advisor to the President at Office of the President of the Slovak Republic  
  • Konstantinos Aravossis, UNESCO Chair on Green Innovation, TU Athens and State Secretary in the Ministry of Environment  
  • Athanasia Theodoridou, General Directorate of VET at DYPA, Greek Labour Agency 
  • Antonio Blanco Luque, CEO/General Manager Keyter International  
  • Jose Antonio Exposito Carrillo, VET teacher in the Department of Energy and Water, IES Marqués de Comares in Lucena 


  • Silke Steinberg, CEO/Project Manager, FIAP e.V.   

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

80 min in 1 video