EDINA: Study Tour to Germany from 18-22 October 2021

Published: 01 December 2021

From 18 – 22 October, 13 participants from Poland traveled to Germany for a study visit. The excursion was organized within the framework of the project “EDINA – Development of energy efficiency in Special Revitalisation Zones and urban areas”. The purpose of this study visit was to exchange experiences on energy efficient refurbishments of residential buildings. The program was developed and implemented by the German project partner IWO e.V. with the support of Insar consult.

Thirteen representatives from six Polish cities: Płock, Włocławek, Łódź, Kalisz, Bytom and Zawiercie, involved in the revitalisation process in their municipalities, took part in the study visit. Other visit participants’ included the project leader, Institute for Urban and Regional Development (IMRi), and two partners, Energy Conservation Foundation and IWO supported by the Insar consult company.

During the visit the participants had the opportunity to learn about successful examples of the energy efficient refurbishment implemented in residential buildings as well as about the integrated approaches to energy efficiency in residential areas during the revitalisation processes. Discussion of good practices involved solution realised in Berlin, Potsdam, Eberswalde, Lübben and Cottbus.

You can find more information on the Study Tour at the EDINA-Newsletter

Participants during the Study Tour in Germany – Berlin – © IWO e.V.