Synergies between the ClimAct CEE and ASCEND Project

Published: 14 June 2023

During the meeting, besides the general presentation that ALEA gave, detailing the most important aspects of ClimAct CEE, the workshop enabled discussions on how to maximise the results and resources by means of collaboration between the 2 projects. Also, during the workshop there were discussions on the screening methodology proposed by ClimAct CEE and how it could be beneficial for ASCEND, given the fact that the area identified as LEZ in ClimAct CEE is within the identified area as clean energy district in the ASCEND project. This aspect enabled the participants to identify possible collaborations built upon the ClimAct CEE screening methodology results. It was also a good opportunity to outline directions of possible measures in the future action plans of the 2 projects. The fact that the areas targeted by the 2 projects overlap also represented an opportunity for the municipality representatives as it means that several action points could be implemented in a synergistic manner by the municipality.

Presenting the ClimAct CEE project, Photo: ©ALEA
Discussing synergies during the workshop, Photo: ©ALEA

ASCEND (Accelerate positive Clean Energy Districts) is a Horizon Europe project implemented by Alba Iulia Municipality as a partner of a bigger consortium, aiming to accelerate positive, clean energy districts (PCED) for the cities’ transition towards climate neutrality and social justice across Europe. The overarching goals of the project are: Make cities healthier, inclusive and climate neutral; Speed and scale the deployment of cost-effective PCEDs solution packages.