The unique virtual „SUSTAINABILITY CENTRE“ / online meeting platform

This virtual centre was created in for the professional conference “Connecting Buildings & Sustainability”, which took place on 30 of November 2021. The event combined an online meeting with a real live

Published: 17 February 2022

Virtual Centre environment will take you back in time to 8bit graphic arcade games. You can move around the centre and decide on viewing content that interests you the most with your personalized avatar. We created a place where you can present and network openly and/or privately and maybe even get a virtual coffee.

We prepared whole day live stream program with moderator.

Each of the sustainable topics was followed by a panel discussion with our speakers and other guests. We called together lead experts in the field of sustainable construction (18 Speakers + 11 guests). Architects, designers, engineers, energetic specialists, city representatives, government officials, private investors and students.


Thanks to the conference programme, 18 visually attractive video presentations were produced, sharing practical experiences in the preparation and implementation of sustainable architecture, especially in the Czech Republic.

The recording of the 8-hour conference programme is now stored in the main hall of the Virtual Centre of sustainability and is freely available. The recordings of the panel discussions are located in secondary halls for professionals, investors and municipalities.


During the filming of 18 video presentations, the expert’s response to the question of the importance of Sustainability in their daily lives, was also recorded. These personal perspectives were then used as 18 short PR videos during Facebook campaign of the conference. You can watch them on the conference website in the programme section, under the name of each speaker.

We want the newly created virtual centre to pulsate with sustainability.

We are working with Members of the Passive House Centre, our partners, industry experts, public administrations, ministries, associations and professional organisations and others to further develop its content.

We will be adding more examples of good practice and concrete approaches to the proper procurement and implementation of buildings with sustainability parameters.  We will continuously update the content of the Sustainability Centre during the events that will take place in this on-line space.

Some outputs of the ClimArchiNet project will be published in this virtual centre during 2022.

396 professionals and stakeholders from the construction sector in the Czech Republic,registered participants of the Conference, expressed support for the Sustainability Declaration,with its total number.

We look forward to meeting you in this CENTRE OF SUSTAINABILITY !

The team of the Passive House Centre of the Czech Republic.

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