Circular Construction Procurement Guideline


The Circular Construction Procurement Guideline by EUKI project CirCon4Climate will serve as a comprehensive knowledge database for all stakeholders in the construction industry who are involved in public or private procurements at any stage of the process. This guideline will offer insights, advice, and best practices for every phase of the process, starting from identifying the reasons and concluding with contract management.

Primarily, the handbook will guide readers in defining the needs and requirements of the procurement. The subsequent section will focus on pre-procurement consultations, different procedure types, technical specifications, and award criteria. The third chapter will highlight the significance of engaging the market during the procurement process. The following component will be dedicated to evaluating and awarding a contract. Lastly, the guideline will assist in contract management by offering suggestions for monitoring execution, role division and flexibility, effective KPIs, and performance reviews.

This publication is also available in Czech, Polish, and Slovenian.

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