Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Peatland Management

Peatlands play an essential role in achieving global and pan-European climate and sustainability objectives. While healthy peatlands can be the most space-efficient long-term carbon store and sink in our planet’s terrestrial biosphere — twice as much as in all the world’s forests — European peatlands are still massively degrading. Improved collaboration on a European (and global) scale is crucial for preserving and bringing our peatlands to a healthy state.



Tata, Hungary

Project Event

20 June 2023

This one-day hybrid event “Improving Central And Eastern European Policy Responses To Protect, Restore And Sustainably Manage Peatlands In The Fight Against Climate Warming” hosted by EUKI project Building a European Peatland Alliance will feature presentations and discussions together with a field trip to strengthen pan-European relations, specifically in Central and Eastern Europe, and to exchange views on policy practices aimed at conserving, restoring and sustainably managing peatlands.

Date: 20 June 2023

Time: all day

Location: Új Kajakház és Ökoturisztikai Központ, Tata, Hungary

Have a look at the detailed agenda and transport information here. A full report about the event can be read here.

The workshop is open for online participation as well. The hybrid event will be held in Tata, Hungary and online.  A hyperlink to access the workshop online will be sent to registered participants. To take part in the event submit your registration here by 19 June 2023.

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