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Three EUKI videos make their debut

by Oliver Hölcke, GIZ/EUKI

What’s EUKI doing to address mobility? How are European municipalities involved in the work carried out by EUKI projects? And which EUKI projects are raising awareness of climate change mitigation, for instance in schools? You can find the answers to these questions in three new EUKI videos.

EUKI has released three new videos. Featuring two examples each, these videos showcase the challenges related to mobility, raising awareness and municipalities at European level and the potential solutions offered by EUKI projects.

The video on sustainable mobility highlights how important this issue is to creating a climate-neutral Europe. Emission savings in this area have been limited in recent decades so we need innovation and changes that will affect each and every person. Dr Andrzej Ancygier from Climate Analytics explains how sustainable land use and mobility planning at local level helps to mitigate climate change. He oversees the EUKI project Closing gaps in the passenger transport policy framework. Daniel Duriš from the NGO Cyklokoalícia is a member of the Cycleurban project. It has had great success lending out cargo bikes in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. This free-of-charge rental will encourage residents to leave their cars at home more often when doing their shopping.

Another video covers raising awareness of climate change mitigation. Viewers learn the areas and regions where EUKI is working to raise awareness (e.g. schools, editorial departments and universities). For instance, Kamelia Georgieva from the National Trust EcoFund (NTEF) shows Bulgarian school children how they can measure and reduce energy consumption in their schools. The project target is to set up a permanent training programme for teachers so that climate change mitigation is integrated into the curriculum taught at Bulgarian schools.
Katja Lihtenvalner is a Slovenian journalist who received a fellowship from the EUKI project Climate and Energy Fellowships for Journalists in Europe in 2018. Two journalist organisations, International Journalists’ Programme (IJP) and Clean Energy Wire (CLEW), want to give the beneficiaries deep and detailed insights into issues related to climate change mitigation. In the video, Katja Lihtenvalner talks about what she learned.

Municipalities play a key role in reaching EU climate targets. Using the example of two EUKI projects, the third video shows what municipalities can do for the climate. Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera is the director of the Forum Energii in Warsaw, one of the leading organisations involved in the Clean Heat international cooperation forum, which received EUKI funding. She talks about the town of Zywiec, famed for its excellent beer but also known for having the worst air quality in Europe. Thankfully, things are changing.
People living in the northern Croatian municipality of Krk have set a goal of becoming Croatia’s first CO2-neutral and energy-autonomous island. Project manager Vjeran Piršić from the NGO Eko Kvarner reports how this ambitious idea is becoming a reality.

EUKI projects mentioned in the videos:

Closing Gaps in the Passenger Transport Policy Framework
Cyclurban+: Mobility Change, not Climate Change

Towards the introduction of Climate Action in the Educational Curriculum of Bulgarian Schools
Central Eastern European Climate and Energy Policy Scholarship for Journalists

International Cooperation Forum for Clean Heat
Krk on the way to becoming a carbon-neutral and energy-autonomous island

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Dr Andrzej Ancygier, Climate Analytics
Daniel Duriš, Cyklokoalícia

Kamelia Georgieva, National Trust EcoFund (NTEF)
Katja Lihtenvalner, Journalist

Dr Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, Forum Energii
Vjeran Piršić, Eko Kvarner

The videos were produced in collaboration with Atelier Limo. Many thanks for the good cooperation!