Study Visit to Hamburg in the Framework of the DUET Project

At the beginning of November 2023, the delegation of representatives of Polish local governments gathered in Hamburg, one of the biggest German cities, in the framework of EUKI project DUET. The guests had the opportunity to learn more about the experience, work and activities of institutions and companies related to energy management, energy efficiency, and responsible use of resources.

Published: 21 December 2023
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The event started on the 8th of November at the HAW University. The official opening session was an opportunity for discussion and networking.  The aim was to embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable energy management in cities, universities, and districts. We were honored to have had esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds, related to the topic of energy management. The guests presented insights from their projects that will give inspiration, offer actionable strategies, and guide our collective efforts. The session of questions and answers gave the chance to expand the competencies of all participants.

In the afternoon, the Centre of Competence for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CC4E) – a central scientific institution at HAW Hamburg – and its “Energy Campus” was visited and explored. This building and its facilities address the current and future challenges of the energy transition in an interdisciplinary manner which could be seen during the tour. Practical solutions are developed there for a broad spectrum of technological, social, political, and economic problems. Our programme in the evening took place in the HafenCity – Europe’s largest inner city development area. The participants could visit the Kasselhouse, where the information centre is located. They could learn more about the history of that district and the plans for building sustainable city quarters and using innovative solutions. The HafenCity port district with its diversified functions has created attractive connections with the Elbe river. The whole project is based on the requirements of sustainable development, with particular attention to the energy efficiency of buildings.

Study Visit to Hamburg. © Photo: DUET
Study Visit to Hamburg. © Photo: DUET

On the second day of the visit, the group spent time on the other side of the Elbe river. Visiting the waste incineration plant (MVR) and waterworks with biogas installation (Hamburg Wasser) was possible thanks to the efficient public transport in Hamburg, which also provides ferry services. The trips on ferries from Hamburg port to the technical facilities provided a unique view of the city.

The visit on site in MVR Rugenberger Damm allowed us to see what the processes there look like in practice and how the technical processes of waste incineration work. MVR strives for effective thermal treatment of delivered waste, generation of district heating and electricity, and production of utility materials while maintaining high standards of safety, occupational health, and environmental protection.

Then, the representatives of Polish municipalities moved to another place – the waterworks by Hamburg Wasser. Through a presentation on the sewage treatment plant in Köhlbrandhöft and biogas production, the technologies used in Köhlbrandthöft and implemented projects were explained. The participants learned more about the biogas and biomethane production aspects. The tour was not only a great experience because of the opportunity to learn about the technical aspects, but also because we got to see a stunning panoramic view of Hamburg during sunset while doing so.

To sum up, the visit to Hamburg was an opportunity to gain technical knowledge and learn about effective management and social engagement strategies in the context of sustainable energy management. The inspiring ideas that Hamburg’s representatives shared with us provide a solid basis for the further development of Polish cities towards a more sustainable energy future.

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