Training sessions for the new volunteers

September marked the arrival of 6 new volunteers from Germany and France in Sicily. Most of them will stay for one year to contribute to our project on humus growth and environmental education with school children. They started by participating in several training sessions to increase their knowledge on local traditional agriculture and exchange new insights and ideas for carbon storage.

Published: 25 October 2022

Two examples:

The president of Giacche Verdi Bronte, Gino Montagno, gave a lesson on hand sowing of a traditional oat-barley-sweetvetch mixture in order to cover and regenerate the soil.

The visit of the small humus farm “Biotica” (photo above) taught the young volunteers all about the production of humus by earthworms and enabled them to conduct their own experiments on earthworm growth and pass on this knowledge to school children.

To date, the Humus project team has hosted a total of 21 volunteers.

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