EUKI Newsletter

EUKI Newsletter

Date: 12 October 2021

Dear friends of climate action in Europe,

We are pleased to announce that the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) will soon launch the sixth EUKI call for project ideas. Dr. Silke Karcher from BMU and the EUKI Secretariat will give the go-ahead live at the EUKI Networking Conference taking place on 23 and 24 November.

What’s next? You have an exciting idea for a cross-border climate action project in Europe? From 24 November until 12 January, we call upon non-profit organisations to submit their project outlines. All relevant information will be published on the EUKI website, in this newsletter and our Socials Twitter and FacebookAlso, we would like to invite all representatives of ongoing and completed projects to join this year’s EUKI Networking Conference “Fit for Climate Action - Together for a Climate-Neutral Europe”. Under the guiding question “how can we transform Europe into a climate-neutral continent?”, it offers inspiring keynote sessions and plenty of interactive workshops (see programme) in which you can explore your pathways to climate neutrality. All updates on speakers, sessions and networking opportunities can be found on the EUKI Networking Conference website.  

What’s on? While we are busy with preparing for the conference and the next funding round, 25 new climate action projects from our fifth call are kicking off in these weeks. They connect European rail systems, make cities more livable and pedestrian-friendly or educate about myths and truths of green hydrogen. We are proud to see that every single EUKI funded project contributes to the European Green Deal – all together in 31 countries of the EU and the Western Balkans. With a total funding volume of 10.6 million Euros in our fifth call, we are further raising the ambitions and (financial) contributions to European climate action.

What else happened? A lot! We have selected the best of the latest news about EUKI funded projects. Enjoy reading!

Yours Sincerely,

Stefan Bundscherer

Director of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI)

EUKI Project Interview: Int-E-Grid – Powering Electromobility in Poland and Germany

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Dr. Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera from Forum Energii about the EUKI project "Int-E-Grid: Powering Electromobility in Poland and Germany".

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New Podcasts on “How do Energy Scouts Make Their Companies More Sustainable and yet Save Costs?“

Energy Scouts from the Czech Republic speak about their energy saving projects in exciting new podcasts. 

> read more

EUKI Project Interview: Living Streets

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Kinga Kovacs from Energy Cities about the EUKI project "Living Streets". The project aims to involve citizens from Greece, Portugal and Croatia in…

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SMEs and the Future of European Sustainability Reporting Rules 

How not to leave small businesses out from corporate sustainability reporting. Analysis, artile and interview by EUKI project "Improved Sustainability Corporate Disclosure Policy". 

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EUKI Project Interview: Smart Climate Cities

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Benno Keppner from adelphi about the EUKI project "Smart Climate Cities". 

> read more

Winners of the Three4Climate Student Contest on Climate Neutrality met in Germany, Portugal and Slovenia

They are the Champions! Congratulations to all winning teams of the Three4Climate Student Contest on climate neutrality. 

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Survey: Think European, Act Local?

EUKI project Three4Climate surveyed 800 citizens in Slovenia, Portugal and Germany on their attitudes to climate action. The answers provide a fascinating perspective on the mood regarding climate action - locally and beyond. 

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EUKI Project-Interview: Municipal Energy Management for Sustainable Climate Financing

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Dragomir Tzanev from EnEffect about the EUKI project "Municipal Energy Management for Sustainable Climate Finance". 

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Wanted: The Best Climate Action Ideas from Hoteliers in the Alpine Region

In September, the second climate action competition "ClimaHost II" was launched. Hotels, hostels, youth hostels, inns, guesthouses or mountain huts from the Alpine region can apply.

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EUKI Project Interview: Energy Transformation Debate in CEE

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Alexandru Mustata from CEE Bankwatch Network about the EUKI project Energy Transition Dialogue in Central Eastern Europe.

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EUKI Project Interview: Capacity Building for Ambitious Long-Term Strategies

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Kasia Ugryn from Climate Action Network Europe about her EUKI project Capacity Building for Ambitious Long-Term Strategies. 

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Climate Transition Plans: How EU Standards Can Help Companies to Focus on the Right Data

Across the EU, companies struggle with analysing climate risks and opportunities and providing the right data about their climate transition plans. This article focusses on methodology that can be used…

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