EUKI Newsletter

EUKI Newsletter

Date: 7 July 2020

From an unforseen crisis towards a sustainable European recovery?


Dear EUKI Community, friends and colleagues,


almost four months after the first lock-downs in Europe, most of the national borders are reopened and a recovery plan for the EU is under fierce debate. In our newsletter, we present a review on how the crisis has challenged climate projects in their daily work and take a closer look at the beginning German Presidency of the Council of the European Union and, connected therewith, the role of climate for the European crisis recovery strategy.

Vjeran Prisic, from our partner organization Eko Kvarner, indicates, that the corona crisis appears to be an accelerator in various areas and could speed up the ongoing ‘paradigm shift led by young Europeans’ toward a more environment friendly society. He also argues that renewables could become increasingly important for Croatian citizens who are forced to make smarter and more sustainable investments due to the current economic shock. We invite you to read more about the effects of the crisis on climate projects in our interview series with new EUKI Community interviews from Germany, Poland and Croatia.


At the same time, European recovery plans and strategies are under debate in Brussels. Two weeks ago, Germany has presented its official program for the Presidency of the Council of the EU and shifted the focus for the coming 6 months toward the economic recovery of the Eurozone. The big question is, whether the European recovery strategy will lead to a solely quantitative or also a qualitative economic recovery, and whether the decarbonization of the European economies will be part of the game?


The new project “Three4Climate”, implemented by Navigant – a Guidehouse Company, adelphi and the Independent Insitute for Environmental issues (UfU), aims to push for the latter and to build bridges between the imminent three presidencies of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia. We invite you to read more about the project’s approach to foster collaboration for climate action on all political levels and to support the measures of six partner cities in the trio countries.


We hope that the contributions from our EUKI Community will help to strengthen the role of climate policy within the European come-back plan and once more wish you all to stay safe and healthy!


Yours sincerely,


Stefan Bundscherer

Director European Climate Initiative (EUKI)


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Interview: Continued Commitment for Climate Action despite the Crisis

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