Project News

Easing the Burden on Traffic and the Environment

by Anselm Bareis, GIZ/EUKI

EUKI project Cycleurban+ EUKI pilots the free rental of cargo bikes in three European cities: After the corresponding programmes were already launched in December in Tartu, Estonia and Bratislava, Slovakia, the Czech project partner in Brno followed suit in February and placed a new pin on the European cargo bike rental map. The Cycleurban projects try to establish bicycles as the most important means of transportation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other EU member states.

The Czech pilot programme is scheduled to continue until mid-July, after which a conclusion will be drawn. As in Tartu and Bratislava, the users in Brno get interviewed about their experience with the cargo bikes, general mobility habits, and attitude toward climate action. This will facilitate the comparison between cities and countries and help assess the existing need for cargo bike rental services. The offer has been received surprisingly well so far: in Brno, as many as 38 users registered in the first week and booked 36 trips. When the bikes are unused, Michal takes journalists on trial trips. The bikes have sparked huge interest among the local press.

Cycleurban+ is the second “Cycleurban” project being funded under the European Climate Initiative. Please see for further details of the programme.